A steady, guiding light

It's taken me a while to write this testimonial for Ané and my time with her, simply because it's been so far reaching and life changing that I've not quite been able to express it fully. My only regret is that I didn't take the plunge to work with her earlier - it would've saved me so much struggle, heartache and confusion. But as Ané said - the moment you're ready will be the perfect moment - unfolding the way it's meant to be in your story. She was so right. When I started working with Ané I was absolutely focussed on meeting someone and getting into a new relationship. I had enough of being on my own (not counting some disastrous dates and ill-judged one-night stands that made me feel awful about myself), and after being divorced for nearly 5 years and dedicating my life to my 2 children, I was going to do anything and everything I could think of to make this happen. Within the space of a few sessions this changed dramatically. My focus shifted completely as I realised that I was heading for another disastrous relationship if I didn't focus on myself and my own life first. I've been so busy keeping everything together, making sure my children came through the divorce and all the upheaval as best as they could, practically being a single parent for years, keeping a roof over our heads and working full time in high pressure environments - I had no idea who I was anymore, or what I really wanted my life to look like going forward. I actually had no idea what kind of relationship I really wanted either. I realised that despite my confident exterior I was terrified of dating again, not to mention being in an actual relationship. Today life is very different, I am different - but I haven't changed. I'm just me, finally. I have the courage be who I always knew I could be, and it's only now that I'm ready to meet the person I want to spend the second part of my life with. I actually enjoy dating and meeting new people and I know it's just a matter of time before I will meet somebody very special. But life is about much more than that. Ané with her depth, wisdom and experience has challenged me to become the most interesting, confident version of myself. She is the one of a kind and one of the kindest people I've ever met, but don't let her soft voice and exterior fool you - she's tough too. She was exactly who and what I needed as I went through this re-emergence out of my previous life, which I am also very grateful for. She taught me to define myself by who I am being, what I stand for and not to be define myself by my past. From the beginning she said that it would be almost impossible to know what was going to come out of our time together - we would both bring 100% to the table, but work like this isn't completely tangible. Some of what we started working on in the beginning is only now coming to fruition, 9 months later - it's ongoing, a work in progress, much like me. A journey that I'm more than happy to be on, by myself and also with somebody who will be aligned with the life I want. 'Aligned' has now become one of my favourite words too, thank you Ané for being a steady, guiding light through some of the most difficult times in my life. I'm forever grateful.

Gemma B
London, 43

Reassurance through the most traumatic of times

When I was going through my Divorce it was so important, especially as a coach and matchmaker to work with the right person and Ané was incredible on all levels. I cannot recommend her enough, not only does she understand the pain points but her calming nature instantly reassures you through the most traumatic of times.  (Geneviéve) 

It finally clicked

“I met Ané at a workshop during a dating fair. My aim was to find love with a man who was right for me and by going to this fair I was looking for tips on how and where to find that man. 

What she talked about during that workshop resonated with me and this led me to book sessions with her. She said that WE create our own reality and she is right, we do. I had been told about this several times before by other people, but Ané explained it very well and it all made sense all of a sudden.

Before Skyping each other she got me to fill in a questionnaire about my beliefs about love and my relationship patterns and  it was so revealing that it has helped me to change these patterns.

I would recommend Ané because she is very positive and encouraging. She never asks private questions but asks you thought provoking questions which get you to reflect.

She guides you in finding answers and solutions and suggests ways of moving forward and you always feel great afterwards. I am still on a journey but I now apply what I have learnt, by working with Ané, in all aspects of my life and it works.”

(Christine, London)


It's been an incredible journey

I had been single for a while an have previously dabbled with on-line dating, meeting match makers, gone on an incredible styling course (which I would highly recommend) thinking that if I looked good / smart then that would help me attract men.

I soon learnt that it was not about the “outside” but that I needed to do a lot of work on my “inside”, work on my vibe and what I was projecting out.

Working with Ané has been an incredible journey which has really made me think about all aspects of my life including the relationship of my dreams with a partner. I have more clarity on what I am looking for in a relationship and most important of all how I want to feel in that relationship.

I really have learnt so much whilst working with Ané – she has opened my world up to lots of tools and techniques that can be used to get clarity and work towards one’s dreams. I have been using these tools and techniques since working with her and have already noticed lots of shifts in my life.

Ané is such an amazing, wonderful, committed, empathetic coach who teaches “tried and tested” techniques that she has used on herself to get to where she is. She is very loving, gentle, caring and has an amazing programme that will open up a whole new world for you.   

(SP, London)

She will change your life

“..someone who will really change your life… Ané is one of the best, most loving and most effective coaches I have ever worked with. And my standards are very high…”


The common denominator

“If you’ve been single a while and suspect you are the common denominator then this is the course for you – it will help you see where your thinking and your behaviour have been holding you back.

I consider myself to be an emotionally intelligent woman but going through the bootcamp unveiled limiting thoughts and beliefs I didn’t know I had!

I now feel much more prepared for meeting Mr Right and I know he’ll benefit from having a partner who has taken the time to do this work.”


I was trying to move on too quickly

“I’ve learnt from Ané that finding and attracting your ideal partner isn’t about being a ‘hunter’ and it isn’t about ‘pursuing’.  What it’s really about is having a profound understanding of yourself and who you are – your motives and your values.

I think many women don’t ever ask themselves the right questions – or if we do we often lie to ourselves (subconsciously) just to keep our status quo.  

But our idea of what is important to us changes so much throughout our lives that we sometimes lose sight of what drives us and what really brings us joy. Add to this the fact that the trauma divorce brings leaves many of us wounded.

I was trying to move on too quickly – and I was trying so desperately to get back to that feeling of contentment I once recognised, but I did so blindly and I didn’t stop to think that I was putting myself in the way of something that isn’t healthy for me, like getting into new relationships too fast. I knew something had to change.  

Thank you Ané for showing me the way to create a new life and a new approach to love. For the first time in my life I am confident that I can attract the right person for me and have the relationship I know I’m capable of.

Watch this space!”


A constant beacon of hope

If it hadn't been for Ané, I'm not sure I would've so easily recognised 'the one' when I did eventually meet him, but when I did little snippets of her wisdom kept coming back to me, reassuring me that this was the real thing.

There is something so special about those single years post divorce.  My head was telling me to rush into a new relationship (anything to stave off the loneliness) but in my guts I knew I had to be alone for a time to learn, process and rediscover. Ané was a guiding light during those times and a constant beacon of hope reassuring me that love would come when the time was right.  And it did!  I am truly, deeply, madly in love with my soul-mate; a man who celebrates me and my femininity for all it is.  Was he worth the wait?  Absolutely!  I would wait another five years if I had to because when you have the real thing you realise that everything else was just a pretence…

Ané helped me to be really clear about what was real and what was pretence.  She knows because she's been there, which makes her service so incredibly valuable.


It feels good to say goodbye to this behaviour!

Until I began working with Ané "single" was a deep dark cupboard I didn't dare to look in, I had become aware of being something of a dating addict, there always had to be a man on the scene because when there weren't the feelings and beliefs when there wasn't were unbearable – "I am worthless, nobody wants me, the only way I can access intimacy is by selling my body…" at the same time as being a serial dater the goal of having a long term relationship felt both essential and impossible leading to a lot of inner tension and discomfort.

Working with Ané provided me with a safe container in which to face these uncomfortable beliefs and discover what was behind them.

I was surprised to discover that these beliefs had a lot more to do with my relationship with my parents than anything to do with men. The work has been a lot about re-parenting myself, consciously reminding myself of my good qualities and giving myself love.

I have to admit to again sliding into crisis when finishing the sessions with Ané, descending into another layer of facing aloneness but somehow I have managed to find a way of loving myself here, the fact that I now feel comfortable with myself as a single person is huge progress. I still find it difficult to believe that I will ever have a long term relationship but I can see myself having fulfilling and satisfying future.

A friend said to me yesterday that "it's enjoyable to be around people who allow themselves to be liked" I notice I do some of the time but not others. This feels like the next layer of work for me, more fully allowing myself to be liked.

I notice myself now being able to say no easily to men who consciously or unconsciously want to take advantage of me, my sense of self is strong enough now that I don't need to desperately seek affirmation from men who are half interested – it feels good to say goodbye to this behaviour!


There is a depth and sensitivity to Ané that's difficult to describe.

There is a depth and sensitivity to Ané that's difficult to describe. Maybe one can call it knowing, because she's been there. And when one can sit with someone who is comfortable with pain and discomfort, it gives you the opportunity to breathe and open up, and allow light in the form of a new perspective, maybe even a gentle challenge. And your process/growth can start. That's what coaching with Ané is to me. It's in the way she listens. Difficult to describe. Best experienced.

I was holding myself back

Like many contemplative people, I was of the view that I had done the necessary soul-searching and knew what I wanted in a partner. It was just that I 'couldn't find him'. Thanks to Ane's calming voice, attentive listening, and thought-provoking questions, I soon came to realise that the 'specification' of the person that I was 'looking for', was not consistent with the one that I would need in order to feel the way I want to feel in a secure and committed relationship. I also came to learn some views I had of myself that were undoubtedly holding me back. Ané's insights, drawing from both her personal experience and research, have been the catalyst to help me uncover and tackle these thorny issues. I will be forever grateful.


You've turned my life around

I just want to say thank you for your advice and coaching Ané – I'd never understood how I could be so capable in most areas of my life and yet couldn't fathom out why I wasn't getting the love I wanted, but more importantly deserved… you have turned my life around thank you…xxx


Confidence, inspiration and self-belief

Ané offers a gentle and deeply thoughtful response to anything you approach her with. She shares her experience and knowledge in a way that never leaves you disempowered, in fact, the opposite happens! She instills confidence and greater self-belief, she inspires and comforts – knowing that whatever we all deal with can be painful – entirely personal stuff that requires a great deal of patience and compassion. That's what stands out, her compassion – whoever you are and wherever you are on your dating or relationship journey – you'll be safe and welcome in her presence.


Like an Acupuncturist for the heart

Ané is transformational. She has an amazing ability to literally get to the heart of the matter, ask those questions which underpin who and how we love and challenge how we love and respect ourselves. In her quiet, calm and compassionate way she steers a conscious course to more fulfilling relationships. I wish I'd met her years ago, but am so happy that from here my eyes are open and I feel so much more authentic and aware. She's like an acupuncturist for the heart!


She's been there

I recently realised that the words 'always' and 'never' cannot be said with certainty if from an emotional place. It needs to come from your core, deep down where values and character have figured a few things out already. And this is where I come from now: be sure to know that appointing Ané as coach to play a guiding part in your life, albeit for a short time, will be one of the best things you'll do. You'll never look back. 


Thank you for creating such a supportive space to explore and reflect

Thank you for creating such a supportive space to explore and reflect and for your lightness and thoughtful insight. It was really affirming and has helped to create a shift in my perspective to feel freer and more confident in my ability to make conscious choices. Your questioning about what is important to me really helps me to notice and relish those special qualities when they arise.


Re-discover your long-buried wonderful bits

From our first session Ané gave me practical pointers that made a real difference. She has a real gift of helping tease out your unhelpful habits without making you feel like a dating disaster! Above all else, Ané is an exceptional listener and brings a calm gentle confidence to every session. She doesn't tell you what to do as there's no one-size-fits-all approach, but she helps you re-discover your long-buried wonderful bits. I absolutely loved working with Ané and can honestly say that I feel happier than ever about myself and the way I approach men.