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Ané Auret Dating Expert and Coach
Ané Auret Dating Expert and Coach

You're so welcome here! 

Hi, I'm Ané

If you’re newly single, separated, divorced or starting over after a breakup - you’re in the right place.  One of your biggest questions right now may be - how do I avoid another I relationship breaking down?  Where and how do I start dating again, meeting new people and getting into new relationship?  Maybe you’re terrified of getting your heart broken again or trusting someone again; having sex with someone new, dating as a single parent or being a step parent. Maybe your secret fear is that you may never find the right person for you, that you may never know what it’s like to be loved for who you are.

I can really relate to all of these and so much more. I remember lying awake night after night during and after my marriage broke down. I was in mid-thirties and ‘supposed’ to have it all - but instead I found myself trying to figure out how I found myself single again after being so sure that this time it was going to be ‘forever’.

So - I want you to know - I hear you, I’ve been there and those were also my questions - plus a lot more!   I also had to start over, rebuild my life and myself after multiple break-ups and ultimately my divorce.  I spent so much time trying to dissect what was 'wrong with me' and why I couldn’t hold on to a relationship, especially my marriage. I knew I had to figure it all out or I would just end up back at square one again in my next relationship. 

Today I’m happily married again, second time round - but it didn’t come all that easy. Actually, it was incredibly hard at times, but on reflection, I also wouldn't change a thing. 

These days everything I do through tailor-made coaching and mentoring, sharing tools, resources and strategies is to help you take your next steps on your journey - wherever you may be up to.  

I'm excited for you just for being here! 

Love, Always 

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What my clients say

A steady, guiding light

It's taken me a while to write this testimonial for Ané and my time with her, simply because it's been so far reaching and life changing that I've not quite been able to express it fully. My only regret is that I didn't take the plunge to work with her earlier - it would've saved me so much struggle...
Gemma B
London, 43

Reassurance through the most traumatic of times

When I was going through my Divorce it was so important, especially as a coach and matchmaker to work with the right person and Ané was incredible on all levels. I cannot recommend her enough, not only does she understand the pain points but her calming nature instantly reassures you through the...

It finally clicked

“I met Ané at a workshop during a dating fair. My aim was to find love with a man who was right for me and by going to this fair I was looking for tips on how and where to find that man. What she talked about during that workshop resonated with me and this led me to book sessions with her. She said...

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