Dating After Divorce or Breakup - A Short Story About Emotional Unavailability

Day 6:  I AM EMOTIONALLY READY & AVAILABLE FOR COMMITMENT - I have no emotional or legal baggage from a previous relationship. I ready to open up to new connection and don't have unresolved emotional issues that may create barriers in a new relationship.In this video we touch on: - what it actually means if we keep attracting 'emotionally unavailable' people- why the dating scene is not a level playing field- what I believe about 'baggage'I have 4 questions for you to consider: 1. Do you have any unresolved emotional issues that may affect or sabotage a future relationship?2.  How is it showing up in your life and relationships?3. How will you know when you're emotionally ready and available for your next relationship?4. What steps will you take to become fully open and emotionally available for your next relationship?This work is always part of the process I take my clients through.Everybody needs some time to process this, and having somebody with an outside perspective to help you see clearly the blindspots and blocks you may have when it comes to your own 'emotional availability' can help you make super fast progress to where you want to get to.Sending you so much love Sign up below to get instant access to 'Find Love Again' - the 21 Day Online Course with everything you need if you're starting over in love? (Bonus Workbook and Relationship Readiness Assessment included)

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