037 The Starting Point Of Every Relationship

Day 20: "I VALUE MYSELF AND HAVE A POSITIVE AND EMPOWERING RELATIONSHIP WITH MYSELF. I love and respect myself and take care of myself in every way."I share what I consider my most important job to be in my own relationship.

036 Sharing My Life Again

Day 19/21: "I FEEL AUTHENTICALLY CONFIDENT AND COMFORTABLE WITH THE IDEA OF FULLY SHARING MY LIFE WITH SOMEBODY NEW – I don't notice any internal resistance to the idea of sharing my life (again)."Just one key question to answer in this episode.

034 Key Skills for your next relationship

Day 17: "I HAVE EFFECTIVE RELATIONSHIP SKILLS – I understand relationships, can maintain closeness and intimacy, communicate authentically and assertively, negotiate difference positively, allow myself to trust and be vulnerable, and can give and receive love without emotional barriers."In this...

027 Your Most Important Relationship

Day 10/11: "I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF - I am happy with my physical appearance, style and presentation, I feel confident in my body and exploring a new sexual & intimate relationship in future."

017 Find Love Again Introductory Episode

Hi! You're so welcome here and I'd love to welcome you to the 'Find Love Again' Virtual Workshop Series.I'm Ané Auret, Post-divorce and Breakup Dating Coach and I specialise in supporting women to confidently get back into the dating scene and open up to a new relationship so they can attract the...

016 Dating with Confidence

Dating with Confidence: your confidence in yourself and your ability and capacity to navigate the dating scene and attract and choose the right partner for you is integral to the kind of results you're getting on your dating journey. Find out why in this episode.

2018 Mid Year Review - Reassess & Reset

Is it time to schedule in an annual Mid Year Review the same way we do at the end of the year? As the days and weeks are flowing into one it feels like I've blinked and the first half of 2018 has gone…how did this even happen! With it being the 2nd week of July it struck me that in 6 months' time we...