It's never too late to find the love you want!

"It's too late for me... " is a phrase that I hear so often.And I remember a time when I felt exactly the same. I was in my mid-thirties, getting divorced - and without the family I always thought I'd have by then. Within a short space of time I lost my marriage, my home and job I loved.Now I know of course that it was only the beginning, the starting point so to speak of the life I was actually meant to live, the path to finding the love I was meant to have and actually finally doing the work I was meant to do.But when you're in that place it is so hard to keep the faith, so hard to believe in a future you just can't see.Looking back I can see how it has all fallen into place. Every plan that didn't work out, every dream that fell flat, every detour, rejection and dead-end… every date that didn't work out until I bumped into Neil one day out of the blue… and here I am.I just want to say this to you - if this is where you find yourself...Don't fall for the 'too late' lie.

Your best is yet to come, it's all ahead of you.

You only need to choose it ?All my loveAné

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