Relationship Readiness: 3 Key questions to ask yourself

Just wanting something doesn't mean that you're always ready to receive and nurture it.  Just being single doesn't mean you're necessarily ready for the relationship you want. Yet. Deciding whether you are ready to find love again, and what type of relationship you're looking for requires absolute 100% complete honesty with yourself and where you're up to in your life right now.

This single phase of your life is not the time to just be seeking for love. It is a time to get ready for the love you want to create.  Use it wisely.

Remember that there are a lot of people on the dating scene that really aren't ready to date - they may or may not be aware of this. And when it comes to readiness it's not just your own to look out for - you have to be conscious of the other party too.

3 Key questions to ask yourself to assess your own relationship readiness 

  1. Are there any areas in my life that may sabotage a future relationship? 

Many relationships break down because of other factors in either party's life that are not actually specifically related to the two individuals, ie.  what I see often especially with women who have been through divorce or relationship breakdown - an ex, issues with children or custody arrangements, extended family circumstances, health issues, legal or financial issues, work related issues - there are many things to navigate in our lives and it's important to be really honest about what is going for you right now.  Sometimes your physical life and environment may be in a fantastic place, but emotionally you're just not ready.2. What do I need to clear out and let go of to ensure that I create space and are open and available? We all have history and stories of past relationships that we carry with us - and we all need to do at least some clearing out before we can be ready for the next phase and the next relationship in our lives. 'Clearing out' simply means letting go of all the emotional and physical clutter that are very real obstacles to you being ready and open to love again.3.  Availability - where in my life am I not as 'available' as I may think I am?This includes both your physical and emotional availability - and really being clear on having the physical and emotional space for somebody new in your life and your capacity to build and nurture a new relationship.

Want some help to figure out your own Relationship Readiness?

I created a free 'Ready for Love' Assessment especially for you to help you

  • assess your personal relationship readiness;
  • identify any areas that may sabotage a potentially good match in future and
  • create your personal plan to help you prepare for the relationship you're dreaming of

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