7 Strategies To Help You Move On From Your Ex

Day 13:  "I DON'T HAVE UNRESOLVED EMOTIONAL ISSUES WITH MY EX OR PREVIOUS ROMANTIC PARTNERS - I no longer have  a romantic interest in my ex-partner/spouse or want to get back together with them.  This area will not sabotage a future relationship." This is so obvious I know.  But I have so many conversations that involve somebody still being invested and connected to their ex on an emotional level - and often not releasing until they get involved with somebody new.  Then it all comes up.Why it's so important:- If affects your emotional availability to fully engage with somebody new.- Rebound relationships are part of the dating scene and often compound the emotional fragility and pain from a relationship or marriage breakdown.- You look at every new person and relationship through the filter of your previous relationship and your ex.  This often causes (unfair) comparison.- Unprocessed feelings towards your ex and what happened between you may cause you to project your unresolved fears, triggers and wounds onto a new partner / relationshipIn this session I share with you 7 strategies to help you move on from your ex so that you can fully engage in your own dating journey and finding love again.Believing in you as always

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