The Truth about Attracting the Right Person for You

If you are part of my community I would imagine that attracting and meeting the right person for you is a really important priority - am I right?Not the 'make every man want you' kind - but finding, attracting and choosing the right person for you. Your person.Whether you've been single for ages, dating for ages - or just starting out again after a breakup or divorce - in the end that is what we have in common, regardless of our personal circumstances or experiences.'Attracting the right person' is the ultimate aim and obviously a huge part of the work that I do with my clients, so naturally it is something I talk about on a daily basis. And I love it because I see the shifts that happen for my clients and how their experiences change - not on a superficial level, but in a deeper, lasting way.Now usually when somebody phones me up the first time we have this conversation in the context of 'where' they can meet the right person for them, and what more they can 'do' in terms of activities, choosing the right dating site or app, going to the right events or parties, joining in activities and hobbies etc. And this is of course all very important.But here is the truth of it all:When all is said and done - attraction is about this one thing: YOUR ENERGYIt isn't about where you're going or what you're doing - it is about WHO YOU ARE BEING.It's not about how beautiful, successful or accomplished you are. I know, and work with a number of very attractive women who are super successful in their careers, but are still getting stuck when it comes to finding and attracting the right person for them.Attraction is about energetic alignment between you and another person. It is the the 'vibe' or presence or aura (or whatever word you feel comfortable with here) - that we as human beings intuitively tune in to - or not. That thing that nobody can really put their finger on.It can, of course also be an unhelpful attraction that could lead to a destructive relationship, but that's a topic for another day.Attraction (+ creating connection and eventually falling in love) is very much about how somebody else feels around you.And how somebody feels when they're around you, is connected to how you feel about yourself, how you perceive yourself, carry yourself, how authentically confident you are, how open you are to the potential of a relationship, intimacy, connection and much more.Your personal energy - or as I call it - your personal Zone of Attraction - is a determining factor in the kind of people you attract and the kind of reality you are creating for yourself.Because whatever dating strategy you're using to meet people - site, app, events parties etc. - it is still YOU that turns up in 'real life'.So my question for you today is: "What does your energy or 'vibe' say about you?"I want to help you set yourself up for success right from the start - and stop the struggle of sabotaging yourself, settling or selling yourself short when it comes to your relationships. And what I'm talking about here has the power to do exactly that.I've put together a special, no cost online workshop for us to get into this in a lot more detail and I can't wait to share it with you!



How To Attract Your Perfect Partner Even If You Had Your Heart Broken, Feel Like You've Tried Everything Or Worry About Risking It All Again


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