Dating After Divorce or Breakup - The One Thing That May Be Standing In Your Way

Day 3:  "I BELIEVE THAT I WILL MEET MY IDEAL PARTNER – I believe that finding, meeting and attracting the right person for me is possible and that I will have the relationship I want.  I believe that I have the ability to attract the right person for me and create the lifelong partnership that I'm looking for." Today we're talking about Mindset, which in summary is the set of beliefs and attitudes that you hold about something.  In the context of today's session it is for example your beliefs and attitude towards love, dating, relationships, intimacy, commitment, men, women, your ability to attract the right person for you etc. In my experience this is often the one thing that can be standing in your way - the thing that causes you to sabotage yourself, settle or keep yourself stuck in a situation you know deep down is not right for you.  Most of it is so deeply established inside of and we're not always conscious of it.   Becoming aware of your own set of beliefs is one of the most important steps and the great thing is - we can change it.  You don't have to stay stuck in a mindset that is not supporting you to get what you want. So often I speak to women who tell me that they feel they're doing everything 'right', but it still just doesn't work out for them. What we discover is that while they do everything they can think of on the surface - deep down they still don't believe  that they deserve the amazing relationship they're looking for, that they're 'not good enough' for the kind of person they want to meet.  So even when they do meet someone amazing, they still sabotage a potential relationship because of this mindset that is standing in their way.  I am very familiar with this as I've done it myself - and it almost cost the relationship I have now with my husband because I didn't do the work I needed to do to get myself into a better place. In the end I managed to turn it around and today I help my clients to do the same. *A little while I recorded a podcast to help you identify some of your key beliefs and it summarises 5 key questions I believe we should all ask ourselves on our journey to meet the right partner for us.

Don't doubt your ability to attract the right person for you - you can have the relationship you want. I absolutely believe that and I'm here to show you the way.


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