026 Find Love Again: Body, Mind and Soul

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What we discuss today: - how you have much more power than you may realise to proactively take steps to move you to a place of confidence, strength and clarity- how you constantly and consistently communicate your 'vibe' and the effect that has on attracting the right person for you- my observations about the smartest women I know and how they have come through difficult periods in their lives to rebuild and start againand more!Today's assignment:1. Reflect on each of these areas individually and ask yourself whether there is anything you know you need to pay attention to and work on - anything you feel may sabotage a future relationship or hold you back from attracting the right person for you.2. If you're not doing that just yet - why is that and what is stopping you?3. What have you been putting off long enough?Much love as alwaysAné

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